Below are thesis students whom I have supervised. (unfortunately not updated since summer 2016! sorry!)


Francisco Blancarte Jaber (MA thesis). ‘Toward a Transdisciplinary Framework Of Morality In Bioethics’. Supervised 2014-2015.

Katherine Cahn-Fuller (MA thesis). ‘Brain Interventions and the Right to Mental Integrity’. Supervised 2015-2016.

Kristina Dushaj (MA thesis). ‘Left Speechless: Neuroimaging and the Ethics of Disorders of Consciousness’. Supervised 2014-2015.

Ben Garcia (MA thesis). ‘Protected, but Inconvenient: Why Vaccine Exemptions Should be Hard to Get’. Supervised 2015-2016.

Tiffany Liu (MA thesis). ‘R&D Hacking: Businesses First, Constituents Second’. Supervised 2014-2016.

Nihar Nilekani (MA thesis). ‘The Instrumental Value of Species Conservation’. Supervised 2015-2016.

Corinne Pellows (MA thesis). ‘The Process of Dying in the United States for the Elderly: the Harms of Prolonging Death’. Supervised 2014-2015.

Tamara A. Prevatt (MA thesis). ‘An Ethical Analysis of Elective Oocyte Cryopreservation as an Employer-Sponsored Benefit’. Supervised 2014-2015.

Nouria Sharifi (MA thesis). ‘End-of-Life Care and Decision Making’. Supervised 2014-2015.

Calvin Sung (honors BA thesis). ‘Moral Considerations In Euthanasia: The Diminished Significance of the Killing and Letting Die Distinction’. Supervised 2014-2015.

Abigail Tella (MA thesis). ‘The Collective Efforts of Diasporas and Internal Philanthropists in Combating Neglected Tropical Diseases’. Supervised 2014-2016.

Kyle Treman (MA thesis). ‘Dual-Use Research: The Scientist’s Role’. Supervised 2014-2015.


Hossein Dabbagh (visiting doctoral student). ‘Intuitionism: Mind, Neuroethics, and Epistemology’. Supervised 2013-2014.

Joanna Demaree-Cotton (honours BA thesis). ‘A Defence Against Greene’s Debunking Explanations of Deontology’. Supervised 2012-2013.