photo of R Rini

I teach in the Philosophy Department at York University, where I hold the Canada Research Chair in Philosophy of Moral and Social Cognition. I write about many things, including: moral agency, moral disagreement, the psychology of moral judgment, partisanship in political epistemology, and the moral status of artificial intelligence.

Before coming to York in 2017, I was Assistant Professor / Faculty Fellow at the NYU Center for Bioethics.  Before that I was a postdoctoral research fellow in philosophy at Oxford University and a junior research fellow of Jesus College Oxford. My CV (from August 2018) is available here

Here you can learn a bit more about me, about my research, my academic publications and public writing, and about my teaching.

The photos elsewhere on this site are my own. If you enjoy them, you’re welcome to visit my (infrequently updated) flickr page.

update: 28 Aug 2018
photo by An Xiao Mina