June 2019

op-ed in the New York Times

I’ve published a new op-ed in the New York Times: Deepfakes are Coming. We Can No Longer Believe What We See

new working draft

I’ve made available a working draft essay that provides further background to my recent NYT op-ed. You can find it here: Deepfakes and the Epistemic Backstop

May 2019

essay in Times Literary Supplement

I’ve published an essay in the Times Literary Supplement: The Last Mortals. This essay won the 2018 Marc Sanders Prize in Public Philosophy



I was too busy to update this News page! I moved from New York to Toronto and did a bunch of other things. Maybe I’ll be better about updating in 2019…

December 2015

opinion piece in Aeon

I’ve published an opinion piece in Aeon magazine: Should we rename institutions that honour dead racists?

Talk: Storrs, CT 4 December

Peer-to-Peer Political Violence

Political Violence Workshop, University of Connecticut

October 2015

op-ed in the Los Angeles Times

I’ve published an op-ed in the LA Times: Microaggression, macro harm

Talk: Long Island, 23 October

What is the ‘Neuro’ in Neuroethics?

Values, Morals, and Science conference: Long Island Philosophical Society

September 2015

guest blogging at The Splintered Mind

I’ve been writing guest posts on Eric Schwitzgebel’s excellent blog ‘The Splintered Mind’. You can find a list of all my posts at the bottom of this one.

August 2015

Talk: Bellingham, 3 August

Comments on Tyler Doggett’s ‘Killing Innocent People’

2015 Bellingham Summer Philosophy Conference

July 2015

New paper

My paper ‘Debunking debunking: A regress challenge for psychological threats to moral judgment’ is now available at Philosophical Studiesyou can see it here

Talk: Oxford, 3 July

Epoch Relativism and Our Moral Hopelessness

30 Years of Bernard Williams’ Ethics and the Limits of Philosophy conference, University of Oxford / Open University

June 2015

Talk: Jerusalem, 8 June

The Science of Values and the Values of Scientists

Nathan Stemmer Memorial Colloquium on the Philosophy of the Science of Morality, Hebrew University

May 2015

thesis defenses

Congratulations to my advisees: Kristina Dushaj (Bioethics MA), Calvin Sung (Philosophy honors BA), and Kyle Treman (Bioethics MA). It was fun working with you – great job on your theses!

March 2015

New paper

My paper ‘Psychology and the Aims of Normative Ethics’ is now available in The Springer Handbook for Neuroethicsyou can see it here

February 2015

New paper

My paper ‘Neuromodulation and the (in)stability of moral cognition’, co-authored with Molly Crockett, is now available in The Moral Brain: A Multidisciplinary Perspectivefind the book here

January 2015

New paper

My paper ‘How not to test for philosophical expertise’ is now available at Syntheseyou can see it here

November 2014

Talk: Hartford, 21 November

Political Invective

Dominating Speech conference, University of Connecticut

September 2014

starting at NYU

I have started a new position as Assistant Professor / Faculty Fellow in the NYU Center for Bioethics. I’m looking forward to this great opportunity!

June 2014

Philosophy Bites

I was interviewed on the Philosophy Bites podcast. You can listen to it here. Thanks to Nigel Warburton and Dave Edmonds for great questions (and kind editing).

Talk: Vienna, 13 June

Experiments and Two Conceptions of Philosophy

Vienna Experimental Philosophy workshop, Wiener Forum fur Analytische Philosophie

Talk: Oxford, 9 June

Abortion, Ultrasound, and Openness to Moral Persuasion

Oxford Moral Philosophy Seminar

Talk: Oxford, 6 June

The Trouble with Moral Psychology

Experiments and Ethics: An Interdisciplinary Conference

Talk: Bled, 3 June

Abortion, Ultrasound, and Openness to Moral Persuasion

Bled Philosophical Conference: Ethical Issues

April 2014

leaving Oxford

My contract at Oxford has come to an end. I’ll be moving on to a great new position at NYU Bioethics in the autumn. Thanks so much to the colleagues and students who have made the last three years at Oxford so enjoyable!

January 2014

Talk: Oxford, 31 January

What (if anything) can cognitive science contribute to the study of moral emotion?

Oxford Affections and Ethics seminar

Talk: Oxford, 27 January

Norm Compliance and Moral Cognition

‘Towards Intelligent Accountability: New Approaches to Fighting Corruption’ interdisciplinary workshop

December 2013

New paper

My paper ‘Feedback from moral philosophy to cognitive science’ is now available at Philosophical Psychologyyou can see it here

November 2013

Talk: Tokyo, 15 November

Moral Psychology and the Narrative Self

Tokyo Colloquium of Cognitive Philosophy, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Japan

Talk: Sapporo, 2 November

What is the ‘Neuro’ in Neuroethics?

Eighth International Conference on Applied Ethics, Hokkaido University, Sapporo Japan

October 2013

Oxford Moral Psychology Reading Group

David Hall and I have co-founded the Oxford Moral Psychology Reading Group. The first meeting is Thursday, 24 October.

September 2013

Talk: Bristol, 12 September

Experiments and Two Conceptions of Philosophy

Fourth Annual Workshop, UK Experimental Philosophy Group, University of Bristol, Bristol UK

New paper

My paper ‘Analogies, Moral Intuitions, and the Expertise Defence’ is now available at Review of Philosophy and Psychologyyou can see it here

August 2013

New paper

My paper ‘The Science of Morality and its Normative Implications’, co-authored with Tommaso Bruni and Matteo Mameli, is now available at Neuroethicsyou can see it here